Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Recycling Awareness

Throughout this project of recycling, and trash I've learned a lot. Throwing garbage to a bin doesn't mean you are getting rid of the material and buy it new, it is not about buying new supplies it is about saving the world. We are making the world' s system work too much, we are increasing contamination. I learned that if each of us puts a little hope to help our ecosystem, we will make a change in the world for our future children.
At home I recycle paper, plastic bottles, cardboard, and glass bottles. I reduce the waste of electricity and water, two important facts in our world, we need to conserve water and electricity, otherwise we'll someday ran out of them. I use the reuse system by giving out clothes in good condition, that I don't like anymore, or I don't fit on, so other people can get benefit from it. Also In my house we have a green waste bin, which is to recycle plants or any green waste to make compost out of it.
At Tennyson High School students don't care that much of practicing the 4 R's which are; reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot. It seems that youth does not see the importance of practicing this system. This system of the 4 R's is a source to help the ecosystem, to prevent the excess usage of materials used to make new materials. Maybe students blame the school for not having recycling bins, this might be their backup fact. I don't think that is a valuable reason to blame the school, since garbage bins are posted everywhere, and students don't take the chance to throw the garbage in the bin. I hope that the education of the leadership program is giving to students, changes their way to see garbage. With the help of teachers, and from all of us, students, sure we'll make it, we'll make a better world.

For more information on how to recycle visit the web, . Learn to save the world, it is on your hands.


Davis Street Transfer Center

The purpose of this facility is to recycle materials, which are gathered from nearly 20 different Bay Area cites. In this facility bottles are recycled, and made again. Also this place makes compost of the trash gathered. In this place materials such as, paper, plastic bottles, glass bottles, cardboard,old furniture, and food scraps are the main sources for the contribution of recycling.

I learned that just in Alameda County, many trash is being well used. Some of these trash is in well conditions, and can be recycled. It is very important that every habitant of the community helps the cycle, and make their self part of this recycling process. The trash that is thrown by civilians goes to landfills. A landfill is were all the waste brought from the community, is dumped to be separated to give their certain type of recycling. The landfill of Alameda County is located in Livermore, there is where all of our waste is managed to be recycled, in benefit of the same community, and for the whole world.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Composting at THS Farm

At Tennyson High School's farm a group of students contributed to make compost. Compost is a material used for plants' growth. Compost is placed on plants so they grow naturally, and without the intervention of bugs, without using pesticides. The benefits of compost are enormous. If compost is not used to grow plants, then pesticides are used. Pesticides are chemicals that can damage our body system, compost is a natural way to grow the plants, and to keep healthy the vegetables we eat.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Waste Audit Blog

This activity consisted on weighting the trash displayed, which was gathered from the school, also to store the different kinds of garbage in bins to weight the amount of every different trash. It was interesting learning the different kinds of trash that is thrown in the school, since many garbage was in moderate conditions that could have been reused. It seems that students don't care about our ecosystem.

The bag containing a big amount of garbage weighted 8.1 pounds. The idea to weight the bag with the garbage was to consider the weight of all the kinds of trash mixed together, without separating ans class of trash.

After weighting the bag full of trash, the garbage was dumped to the floor, which was covered of plastic bags. The trash was duped in the floor in order to classify each type of trash that the bag contained. These different kinds of trash were set in different bins.

The purpose of dumping the trash on the trap, was to sort the different kinds of garbage that the bag contained. Common trash kinds were found as, paper, plastic bottles, gum, left over food and food wraps.

Every pile of trash was weighted in different bins. All these different materials were put in a bin separately, to weight them, and take the amount of trash of each kind weighted on the bag full of trash.

If every person in the world puts just a little of their will to help our ecosystem this world would last more. Classrooms can reduce consumption and disposal of materials by using the material until it does not work anymore, and get well benefit from it by using it as many times as it can be used. Many people buy the same materials they have already without using them. If we could be more sensitive of our community and care about our surroundings we could have more benefits in the future, because wasting extra materials that we don't need will someday extinguish those materials. The four R's can be applied in the materials gathered from the school.
We can reduce the waste of food, there was many left over food thrown, the paper can be reuse since many paper had just a little writing. The paper can be recycled as well as the plastic bottles, and the food wraps. Finally we can use the grass that is been thrown in the garbage to rot and make compost. Classes should focus on diverting the amount of paper and food being thrown, without using them wisely, and the food not been eaten.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Litter Survey

Based on pictures that several students took of Tennyson High School's areas before and after lunch. A litter survey let us know the changes of contamination in our school before and after lunch. Before lunch the school was not invaded of many litter. By the administration wing not a single litter was shown, as in the grass knoll. Many other ares like the quad area were clean.

After lunch the areas ,such as grass knolls between hall ways, were completely clean before lunch, were covered by litter. In just an hour the school was a mess. It is very hard to believe how we humans make a dump of our community, not thinking of our own health.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Recycling At Home

At home I practice the 4 R's, and i think everyone should do that too. In my home we reduce electricity, when nobody is watching t.v or using a room, televisions are turned off as well as light. When a clothing does not fit me anymore and are in good conditions i give them to my sister so she can take advantage of them. Recycling is a very important thing too, I have a bin to recycle glass, bottles, plastic and stuff that can be recycle to get benefit from. Also I have a different bin of yard waste, which we use to throw grass or plants that can be rot.